AppleCare for Enterprise site goes live

Apple and IBM partnered up this past summer on a big enterprise effort, and as part of that an AppleCare for Enterprise site has gone live, indicating that the service is now available to applicable customers. Apple details what users can expect, with everything from always-available phone support to the promised onsite repairs and device coverage. No information is provided on the pricing of such (those interested are directed to get in contact for a quote), but we've got all the details for you after the jump.

Users are assigned a "personal liaison" in the form of an AppleCare Account Manager who will handle all the details and provide support as needed. This is joined by a related help desk that will tackle technical support issues anytime night or day, whether concerning software or hardware. "And if you need help with IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps," says the site, "we'll help troubleshoot your solution and work with IBM to get your issue resolved."

Hardware coverage is offered under AppleCare for Enterprise, with it including onsite services and next-day replacements when necessary. Customers are given both two-year and three-year onsite coverage options, which start from the device's purchase date. The service comes via IBM's Global Technology Services around the globe.

Says Apple, up to 10-percent of covered iPhones and iPads can be replaced, with an equivalent device usually being delivered within a business day ("In most cases," Apple says concerning replacement speeds). Those interested are being told to get in touch with their Apple or IBM Account Executive to proceed.