AppleCare+ debuts at just $99, now covers accidental damage

We all know plenty about AppleCare, the service that provides additional coverage and protection for all of our Apple devices as well as phone support. Today we are now seeing something new called AppleCare+ — yes they've added a plus and we now have some additional options and coverage. So what is this "plus" all about, and how does it differ from the original? Details can be found below.

Getting a price pump from $70 to $100 AppleCare+ is $30 dollars more but we get much more coverage and protection here. The good news here, is that we now have 2 years of extended coverage after your first year, it also now offers two instances of protection from accidental damage — for a $49 fee each time. So for those that always break their screens, or have accidents, this is for you. This seems like a fair deal instead of having to break out your wallet and pay full price should these "accidents" happen and you break that precious 3.5" display like I've seen thousands of times.

We are still looking over the new AppleCare+ and everything it has to offer but that is about all we see. The last important note is about when you purchase AppleCare. Before you had 1-year from the purchase date to add the optional coverage, now it seems the "Plus" coverage must be purchased together along with your new smartphone at the same time. This brings up two thoughts, will the coverage start after the original 1 year is up? And does having extra coverage for accidents warrant the $30 dollar price hike?

As soon as we know or hear more on the new AppleCare+ we will be sure to update with the info, for now head to for full details.

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