Apple wins patent for micro SIM card connector

Apple filed a patent application for a micro SIM card connector several months ago. Apple has now officially been granted a patent covering the micro SIM card connector designed to make it easy to insert and remove the SIM card without causing damage. Apple notes in the patent verbiage that the micro SIM connector could be fitted inside of a computer, smartphone, tablet, TV, or other device.

The patent also says that the SIM card itself could be one of a variety of sizes. This patent was originally filed in Q3 of 2010 and carries patent number 8,337,223. The official title of the patent is "Mini-SIM Connector."

The patent verbiage clearly calls out micro SIM and since that card is the most common specification at this time; we can assume that the connector will predominantly be used with the micro SIM. The patent outlines a connector, which is more like a holder for the SIM card making it easy to insert and remove the card. The connector also protects the card from damage from improper insertion.

The patent lists the inventors as Zheng Gao, Benjamin Rappoport, and Steve McClure. The industry moved to the smaller SIM cards in an effort to help reduce the size of components used inside of a smartphone or tablet. The smaller critical components are the thinner and smaller devices can be made.

[via Patently Apple]