Apple Watch Series 7 pre-order and launch dates finally revealed

Following months of rumors, Apple revealed Apple Watch Series 7 during its iPhone reveal event in September. Unlike many of the other devices announced during that event, Apple didn't give us pre-order and release date info for Apple Watch Series 7 when it was revealed. After making us wait for a couple of weeks, Apple has now announced those details, and they seem to match up with earlier rumors we heard about potential shipping windows.

Apple today announced that pre-orders for Apple Watch Series 7 will open up this Friday, October 8th, at 5 AM PDT. The new watches will then launch a week later, with in-store availability slated for Friday, October 15th. In that way, the launch of the Apple Watch Series 7 mimics an iPhone launch with the week-long gap between pre-orders and availability.

If iPhones are any indication, then it might be worth waking up early on October 8th to get an Apple Watch pre-order in.'s shipping estimates for iPhone currently vary depending on model, with the iPhone 13 mini shipping out fastest in about two weeks. iPhone 13 shipping estimates are about three weeks, while the estimates for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max clock in at just about a month. With that in mind, it wouldn't shock us to see multi-week shipping estimates for Apple Watch Series 7 orders shortly after launch.

As Apple revealed last month, Apple Watch Series 7 comes with a few different upgrades. Apple says that the new watches come with the "largest and most advanced Apple Watch display ever" even though their dimensions have been "minimally changed." While these new watches offer similar battery life to past models, we will get faster charging this time around, along with IP6X dust resistance for the first time.

When pre-orders open this week, Apple Watch Series 7 will be available in five different aluminum case colors: midnight, starlight, green, blue, and PRODUCT(RED). In addition, there will be three stainless steel models to choose from – silver, graphite, and gold – along with two Apple Watch Edition models in titanium and space black titanium.