Apple Watch replaces student ID cards for Alabama students

The University of Alabama has embraced the Apple Watch in a big way: students who own one can use it to replace their student ID card, at least in certain circumstances. The university announced the new change this week, explaining that users can use Apple Watch to access dorms, buy dinner, enter the library, and more.

The new support is described as a pilot program by Tuscaloosa News, which reports that the university confirmed the plans and detailed the effort last week. University of Alabama President Stewart Bell reportedly said that the institute has been working on wearable student ID support for a while, but kept the plans under wraps until it was ready to launch.

The support was developed in partnership with Apple, and will reportedly be arriving at a handful of other schools starting in September, including Johns Hopkins and Duke University. Alabama students will have access to the support when the fall semester arrives.

The support will also be available on the iPhone, greatly expanding the number of people who can use it instead of a physical card. The system works by simply lifting the device and placing it close to the area the student wants to access or the terminal available where an item, such as a cafeteria dinner, can be acquired.

SOURCE: Tuscaloosa News