Apple Watch apps now available at the iTunes store

Even though the Apple Watch isn't available until later this April, new apps which are geared towards the Apple Watch are already hitting the iTunes store for download. You won't be able to use the actual range of capabilities designed for the smartwatch, unless you somehow got your hands on an Apple Watch early. If you managed to somehow pull that feat, get me one too! Several big names have already launched their Apple Watch apps. Let's take a look at what Evernote, Target, and Expedia along with SkyGuide, DarkSky, and WeChat have to offer.

With Evernote, you can dictate notes into the Apple Watch, speak to search for specific notes, and view notifications and reminders. Expedia looks similar to airline apps that are being developed for Apple Watch, but Expedia's app might be the first to market. It allows you to view trip details, alerts, maps, and address information all on your wrist.

Target's new app for Apple Watch aims to be a personalized shopping app. You can create a shopping list and browse active deals on your wrist. Additionally, you can find the aisle locations for any product, so you will never have to wander the aisles searching for what you need again.

Aside from retail apps, WeChat messaging app lets you read and send text messages and stickers on the smartwatch. Now, you can chat without ever using your phone. The weather app, DarkSky will be able to weave its weather predicting magic wrist-side, as it continues to bring down-to-the-minute rain forecasts with its app.

Smartwatches are still a fairly new territory; so, it's interesting to see how each of these companies envisions its consumers using the Apple Watch in their daily lives.

Source: Cult of Mac