Apple unveils AirPlay Mirroring, 1080p streaming to TV

Apple has just demoed a new AirPlay Mirroring feature that can be used to easily push 1080p content wirelessly to your TV from your Mac running the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion. This means no more fiddling with an HDMI cable to get the same result. Audio can also be mirrored this way to AirPlay-enabled stereo systems and speakers.

But besides streaming audio and video content from your Mac to other AirPlay-enabled devices, the introduction of Game Center on OS X Mountain Lion, also means that games can be streamed or mirrored. With AirPlay and Game Center now integrated into the Mac, users can play against other Mac users or even iPhone and iPad users.

With this integration, Apple can push more multiplayer games that work across both OS X and iOS so that users can play against each other whether they're on a Mac computer, an iPhone, or an iPad. Apple demoed the fun in action on stage at WWDC 2012 with a racing game.