Apple TV+ teases Lisey's Story, a J.J. Abrams and Stephen King series

Yet another Stephen King story is heading to the small screen, this time on Apple's streaming service. Called Lisey's Story, the show comes from J.J. Abrams, who previously worked with King on the Hulu shows Castle Rock and 11.22.63. The new show was teased with an image and is expected to premiere later this year.Lisey's Story is one of King's lesser-known novels, one that was published in 2006 and tells the story of Lisey Landon in two parts, one that chronicles her husband's life and another that details her present existence. The novel is more psychological horror than King's usual works.

A huge number of movies and TV shows based on King's stories have made their way to theaters and televisions, so it's no surprise that this novel is the latest to get an adaptation. The series will premiere on Apple TV+, the streaming service, later this summer.

According to Deadline, Apple released a teaser image (above) from the show during the Television Critics Association event late last week. We still don't have a trailer for the show, but it's likely that one will be released in the next couple of months given the planned release date.

The show will star Julianne Moore in the leading role alongside a cast that includes Jennifer Jason Leigh, Joan Allen, Rob Cephas Jones, and Dane DeHaan. The series comes from Warner Bros Television and Bad Robot Productions.