Apple TV stalls as talks with media companies falter

Apple has been toying around with its Apple TV device for several years now. The company still calls the device a hobby, but rumors are circulating that an actual Apple TV set would be coming to market along with a revamped set-top box. It's been a while now since we heard any new rumors on an Apple HDTV coming to market.

According to Bloomberg, the reason we're not hearing anything new about Apple TV products coming this year is because talks with media companies and cable companies have stalled. Reports indicate that blockages to finalizing deals with cable companies have included disagreements over control of the software determining the screen interface. There have been disagreements on the look and feel the viewer will experience when using the Apple device according to people claiming to be familiar with discussions.

Apple has reportedly been working on a more advanced TV product for years that would help users find shows and movies more quickly and offer live and recorded material according to sources. The sources also claim that the product Apple has been working on would recommend content based on interests and would offer the ability to seamlessly integrate with Apple's other devices.

People familiar with the product also claim that the iPhone or iPad would be able to double as a remote control. The late Steve Jobs reportedly worked on securing deals with broadcasters himself. Jobs regularly told executives in Cupertino that Apple needed more content, specifically live broadcasts, or its impact on TV wouldn't be disruptive according to a pair of former Apple managers.

There are some indications that Apple may have changed its tactics recently in securing live broadcasts. Bloomberg reports that Apple has begun to focus on cable companies to gain access the live broadcasts and eliminate the need for new content agreements. These deals would make customers who own an Apple set top box be able to use the Apple product, rather than a leased box from the cable company, to access channels with their cable subscription. Apple might lease the boxes through cable companies according to reports. Some sources say that Apple might partner with Time Warner Cable to bring this new set top box to market.

[via Bloomberg]