Apple TV gets a Papa Johns ordering app

The days of having to order pizza by phone are long gone. Web ordering was amazing when it rolled out, and then smartphones made that even better — all the convenience of ordering by phone without having to actually talk to anyone. Now you won't even have to get off the couch to order a pizza, assuming you have an Apple TV. Papa Johns has announced a new app for the Apple device, making it the first national restaurant chain to launch an Apple TV app.

The idea here is that you can, for example, be getting ready to fire up a movie, and maybe you decide to order pizza for dinner first. Instead of pulling out your phone, you can use the Papa Johns Apple TV app and place the same order using your larger, easier-to-see TV. The app's interface looks very similar to what you see in the mobile app and on the company's website.

The app allows users to log into their account and access past orders, favorite meals, and other things. Food can be customized on-screen and then ordered, or one of those aforementioned favorites can be ordered instead. Because the app has account access, all of the billing and delivery information is already available, so ordering basically means selecting the food you want and then hitting order.

The app has access to the full restaurant menu, as well as all of the related text and images; it is, however, only compatible with the 4th generation Apple TV. Speaking about the app, Papa Johns COO Steve Ritchie said, "Apple TV is fitting for the expansion of our digital services, bringing people together to enjoy their favorite TV and quality pizza choice."

SOURCE: BusinessWire