Apple trims Campus 2 plans to cut costs

After it was reported earlier this month that Apple's new "spaceship" campus (or officially known as "Campus 2") was behind schedule and $2 billion over budget, the Cupertino-based company ended up revising its plans for the new campus in order cut costs a bit. The revised plans also show off more of the campus, such as bike paths, parking, and streets.

The revised proposal, which was sent to the City of Cupertino lists some of the changes that Apple has made to the plans, including splitting up the entire project into more phases. Apple originally planned on constructing a 600,000 square foot area of buildings known as the Tantau Development in two phases. However, they've pushed that entire project into one phase that will be started on after the main campus building is complete.

Furthermore, Apple has added descriptions for bicycle access improvements at the new campus, which will come with bike lanes and plenty of bike boxes to make the campus as bike friendly as possible. Parking will also increase from 10,500 spaces to almost 11,000 spaces on the campus, and a new valet parking area, which has 60 parking spaces, will be available for events at the corporate auditorium.

Apple Campus 2's budget is at around $5 billion, and the main campus "spaceship" building will be 2.8 million square feet, and is designed to hold 12,000 employees. Ground-breaking is still scheduled for sometime this summer, with a completion date sometime in 2016, although the project could easily see delays further down the road.

[via MacRumors]