Apple touts creation of 514,000 jobs in America

Following criticism that Apple was offshoring too many jobs, the company has responded with a new promo page, touting that it has created or supported 514,000 jobs in the US. This half-million figure includes those jobs not directly employed by Apple, but by other companies in the various industries dependent on Apple.

A study done by Analysis Group found that Apple has directly or indirectly created 304,000 US jobs that range from engineering to manufacturing to transportation. Apple explains that these jobs include workers in Texas who manufacture processors for iOS products, Corning employees in Kentucky and New York who create the glass used for the iPhone, as well as the FedEx and UPS employees who ship Apple's products.

Citing a 2012 study by TechNet, which revealed that 466,000 mobile app development jobs were created in the US, Apple said it found that 45% of those jobs were specifically tied to developing apps for the iPhone. Hence, the company claims to have fueled 210,000 jobs in this sector.

Apple's actual number of core employees, however, account for 47,000 jobs, but it notes that it has full-time employees in all 50 states.

[via AppleInsider]