Apple to release 8GB iPhone 3GS?

Is the iPhone 3G on borrowed time? Well. according to a user on Germany's apfeltalk forums it is. He recently ordered an 8GB 3G and while the item itself was what he was expecting the packaging was not. It was labeled as a 3GS. Was this a typo or did Apple mistakenly use the wrong label?

This isn't the first time we have come across rumors of an 8GB 3GS, and really when you think about it seems like a natural progression of the line, either that or the 8GB gets killed all together, which I am glad to say probably isn't going to happen. Its the only budget friendly entrance into the iPhone game.

In early November there were rumors of a Christmas launch which as we all know now, didn't happen. Apple will be releasing the fourth incarnation of the iPhone in June. If the 8gb 3GS is going to be released I am sure we will hear about it at Apple's upcoming January 26th event.

[Thanks Dion!]

via  Gizmodo