Apple to overhaul all products in 2012, iPad 3 rumored for Q3

The DigiTimes sources are working overtime right now with tons of rumors that are swirling about the iPad and future Apple products. According to the sources in the supply chain DigiTimes has Apple will supposedly have an inventory of next-generation iPads with about 2 million units by the end of 2011. That massive number of new iPads would hint that a launch might be coming early next year.

However, other sources in the supply chain are claims that the iPad 3 won't launch until Q3 2012. That time frame I certainly more in line with the typical Apple refresh cycles. For another wrinkle, these same sources are claiming that there is a new iPad that will be coming ahead of that Q3 launch of the true iPad 3. These sources claim another iPad will launch and that Apple isn't considering the coming tablet the iPad 3, but an updated iPad 2. The rumor makes me think of something along the lines of an iPad 2S.

I'm not buying that rumor. I don't see Apple launching two of anything in one year. That updated iPad 2 is claimed to be thinner than the current product and have longer battery life. The sources claim small volumes of shipments in Q4 2011 for the updated tablet. Again, I am not buying this rumor. A third rumor is claiming that the entire product line will be updated in 2012. That rumor claims the iPad, iPhone, iMac, and MacBook Air will all get upgrades. This is the only one of the three rumors I can really get behind.