Apple teams up with camera maker RED

I'll admit that I'm no expert on processing video files. I made a couple of cool student films back when I was in school, but they weren't exactly Oscar-worthy. Then again, I didn't use very sophisticated equipment or software when I made them. Now if I'd had a RED camera and Final Cut Studio 2 it might have been a different story. Well, it would have looked better, but that wouldn't have helped with our acting skills any.

Apple has teamed up with RED to help design their new ProRes422 compression format. The idea behind this new compression format was to take video shot in 4K by a RED camera and be able to plug it straight into Final Cut Studio. This brings the ability to edit 4K video to a whole new group of people. There's a cool video on Apple's website that goes into more detail on the subject.

I've considered getting into film since I enjoyed it so much in school. I may just have to pick up a copy of Final Cut Studio 2 and start playing around with it. Though I think the Red cameras are just a bit out of my price range.