Apple taps CDC to launch COVID-19 screening website and app

Apple has launched its own online COVID-19 website and mobile app that helps the public get accurate and timely information about the coronavirus and related infectious disease. Apple says that it made the two new offerings in partnership with health authorities, including the White House Coronavirus Task Force, CDC, and FEMA.

The new website and mobile app are very simple to use: just click or tap 'Start Screening' and then answer the questions that are presented. The screening tool prompts users to call emergency services if they're experiencing any severe symptoms, otherwise, they can select their age and then click or tap on any symptoms they may be experiencing, including things like sore throat, fever, chills, non-severe breathing issues, and more.

If the user's answers indicate that they may have developed COVID-19, the screening tool will prompt them to contact their doctor about potentially getting screened. The website and app also provide instructs on how to proceed in the meantime, including isolating one's self for at last seven days from the start of the symptoms, getting lots of rest, and monitoring symptoms.

Apple notes in its announcement that it is also providing users with access to information about coronavirus and COVID-19, including answers to commonly asked questions. The CDC is providing the latest information related to the issue, as well, including how to properly take steps to avoid contracting or spreading the virus.

For Apple customers in the US, the company says that they can also ask Siri for information related to COVID-19 screening — just say, 'Siri, how do I know if I have coronavirus?' The personal assistant will provide resources and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is also using iPhones to alert travelers at certain US international airports about how to monitor for symptoms.