Apple Tablet: Revolutionize old media, Can be shared by whole family, Facial recognition to boot?

The Wall Street Journal has dropped a major Apple tablet bombshell this evening – among the new surfaced rumors are that Apple envisions its tablet as a device that can be shared by various members of a household, and may even recognize their faces via a possible webcam.

I've summed up the main points here:

-The tablet will come with a virtual keyboard for text input (no-brainer here)

-WSj reporters revealed that "Apple intends to focus its tablet on providing content from multiple "old media" business sources, including textbooks, newspapers and television".

-Apple's allegedly been in talks with The NY Times, Conde Nast, and HarperCollins over possible collaborations, but only comment from the NY Times chairman? – "stay tuned".

-Apple has also been discussing a monthly TV subscription plan with CBS and Disney, in a deal that would possibly package the best 4-6 shows per channel.

-EA has also been working closely with Apple to demo games for the tablet.

-The Journal also makes adamant the potential Google for Bing swap as the default search engine.

Thanks for making us even more excited, Apple.  The Tablet may also very well head over to Verizon, for that matter.  Gentlemen, start your engines – Apple's press announcement in a week or so will be a day to mark – stay tuned for SlashGear's full coverage of the January 27th event at