Apple Sues Nokia in Britain

The legal troubles between Apple and Nokia may have quieted down over the last few months, but they certainly haven't died. Today, it has become known that Apple have taken the steps necessary to sue Nokia in Britain. Officially taking the legal battle beyond the United States. The report has been commented on by Nokia, and so far their investigations into the lawsuit seems to be focused on nine implementation patents that are already being looked at by both companies.

The two companies have been locked in battle since at least last October. After Nokia sued Apple during that time, Apple stepped forward and counter-sued the company, saying that they were infringing on 13 different patents. Of course, Nokia sued Apple again in the earlier stages of 2010, focusing on the tablet device from Cupertino, the iPad. Now though, Apple is suing Nokia in Britain, and while the details aren't completely known quite yet, a Nokia spokesperson said their investigations say that the lawsuit is focused on nine patents that both companies are already in suit over.

[via Reuters]