Apple subpoenaed by FTC in Google antitrust probe

As part of the investigation into antitrust allegations against Google, the FTC has subpoenaed Apple for details on the business relationship between the two tech companies. Apple currently uses Google as the default search engine on its iPhone and iPad under terms that rivals, such as Microsoft, believe are anti-competitive.

Apple has been using Google as its default mobile search engine since the iPhone first launched in 2007. Microsoft's Bing search engine is available as an option in iOS, but is not offered by default and its Bing Maps is also overshadowed by Google Maps.

The FTC wants to make sure that Google isn't abusing its dominance of internet search by employing unfair or deceptive business practices in the mobile sector. Bloomberg first reported the FTC's subpoena of Apple, citing two sources familiar with the investigation. The subpoena was also independently confirmed by AllThingsD, although neither Apple nor Google have yet to respond with official comments regarding the matter.

[via ZDNet]