Apple Stores in France fined for forcing employees to work late

Governments have laws that protect workers from unethical practices, and some countries even have laws that lay out limitations for companies wanting to stay open past a certain time in order to protect workers. However, it seems that a handful of Apple Stores in France have been found guilty of violating these laws.

A court in Paris has fined Apple 10,000 euros ($13,000) for forcing employees to work past 9 pm. That may seem like crazy talk, but it's French law that companies aren't allowed to require employees to work between 9 pm and 6 am unless the company provides social services, or the company is there to maintain economic activity. Basically, the company must have a good excuse in order to stay open late.

Seven out of the 15 Apple Stores located in France were accused of regularly forcing workers to stay until as late as 11 pm to clean and prepare for the next business day. Even though the store closes at 9 pm, workers were required to stay a couple hours later to organize and finish up any work for the day.

The Apple Stores involved in the fine include l'Opera in Paris, Parly 2 in Le Chesnay, Carre Senart in Lieusaint, Val d'Europe in Marne-la-Vallee, Cape Town 3000 in Nice, and Atlantis in Saint Herblain. Come April 16, a higher court in France is expected to provide its input on the case. Along with the 10,000-euro fine, an additional 50,000 euros will be required if Apple is found violating the labor law again.

[via Cult of Mac]