Apple Store Hacked

Actually someone(s) just broke in and took some high priced Mac Books (Pros?). It happened at Seattle's University Village Mall.

There are two really good parts to this story, first, the Apple store in question's alarm, doesn't trigger a response from the police, just someone that either works at the store or at the mall. Second, and this one is real good, the store's design worked against itself, they broke in through the roof above the repair area, and took a bunch of laptops in for repairs.

Since they broke in through the roof, and the repair area is always behind a wall, the person who came and checked/disarmed the alarm didn't see anything wrong, and thus just disarmed the alarm and left, causing the police to not be brought in until 8am, a full 3 hours, 16 minutes after the alarm was triggered. That means the burglars had time to sit there in the repair area and fix the laptops they were stealing before leaving. I am not saying they did, but that is just funny to me that they had that much spare time.

Anyways, my condolences go out to those that lost their laptops, and more importantly those that didn't back up their data. The insurance for the store will probably buy you a new laptop, but that data is gone unless you can track down your Mac via MAC address, I kid myself.

Apple Store Security Breached in Seattle: Mission Impossible Edition [via TidBITS]