Apple shuts down iTunes Connect in wake of log-in issues

Now that TestFlight is being wrapped into Apple's iTunes Connect, problems are starting to show. Many with a Developer account via Apple are reporting that logging in takes them to a different account altogether, which I can sadly corroborate. Even though Developers are using their own credentials, they're being logged into accounts that aren't theirs. Larger names like H&R Block and BlackBerry are reported to have been affected by this. So far, there have been no reported issues other than this odd log-in thing, and Apple has pulled the plug while they figure it all out.

What Developers saw were whatever apps had been distributed, or were in testing. The iTunes Connect portal is where Developers manage software published to the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks, as well as apps they are planning to push. It's also where TestFlight will be housed, so we're left wondering if Apple was testing some new features, causing this weird scenario.

A quick peek was all any Developer was able to get, though. Any actions attempted, like removing or updating an app, would result inĀ an error code. In response, Apple has disabled iTunes Connect while they find a fix to the issues.

For now, it looks like Developers will just get the day off (just kidding, there's still plenty to do). Luckily, it wasn't worse than a simple peek at whatever others had been working on. I was re-directed to some account that had a series of cloned games. A part of me is sorry I couldn't save you from them.