Apple Remote By Sony

Christina Crouch - Dec 7, 2007

Every TV in my house is controlled by the same type of remote, which means when someone loses the one for the living room it gets replaced from one of the bedrooms and vice versa. The sole outcome of this is that I have no remote for my bedroom TV now.

The Apple Remote is set to clear up those messes. When I say apple, I mean apple, you know… Granny Smith? Golden Delicious? Jonathon? York? Come on, people the fruit! It’s an apple shaped remote control, got it? It comes in different shades so you can assign a shade to particular person and when it goes missing you know who to blame. Anywho, you can program your apple to suit your needs and gestures. Want to turn down the volume? Just rotate your apple. Want to turn it back up? Rotate it the other way. It doesn’t take a ‘rock’ scientist like Tara Reed to figure it out.

Apple Remote

It comes with a bowl that recharges your remote making it both efficient and stylish. Who couldn’t use a decoration that actually become useful when you need it, no one, that’s who.

Apple Remote But Not By Apple [via Yanko Design]

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