Apple Releases Shorter 0.5-Meter Lightning Cable For $19

Taking a page from its Thunderbolt cable book, Apple has released a shorter Lightning-to-USB cable that measures just 0.5 meters long. Aimed at those who only need a couple feet of cable to charge their devices, this shorter offering will still set you back the same $19 that the 1-meter Lightning cable costs.

While it's odd to see no price different between the two cables with different lengths, it provides users another option if they're seeking out less cable clutter. This shorter cable is half the length of the regular Lightning cable that ships with newer iOS devices. Of course, while a shorter cable could be handy in some situations, we personally don't see the problem with just wrapping up your normal Lightning cable in order to make it shorter.

Nevertheless, if you're after a shorter cable, similar to the Thunderbolt offerings, Apple has you set. Furthermore, the company also updated its in-ear headphones with a redesigned mic switch to make it match the design Apple's recently-released EarPods. The in-ear headphones will still cost you $79, and there doesn't seem to be any changes to the headphones themselves.

While Apple is known for holding special events when announcing updates to their product line, it's also not rare for them to quietly make changes and update their products without telling anyone for the most part. Case in point: the company recently updated its MacBook Pro and Air lineup yesterday, stuffing in faster components and cutting the price down a bit.

[via MacRumors]