Apple releases new iPad TV ads focusing on app catalog

One thing that Apple has going for them is their massive collection of hundreds of thousands of apps specifically catered toward the iPad, and to show off some of the more notable ones, as well as boast about the variety of apps available, the company has released two new TV ads that quickly go through a selection of cool apps.

Each of the ads, titled "Alive" and "Together", go through various adjectives and show off an app that describes that specific adjective. Each of the adjectives are "randomly" selected from a fast randomizer of different words, similar to how you hit a question mark block in Mario Kart and it quickly cycles through items before it eventually lands on one.

It's a slightly different vibe than what Apple has normally done in the past. We're mostly used to cartoony piano music playing in the background while Jeff Daniels walks us through some of the cool features of a new iOS device, but this time around it's a little more fast-paced, with a handful of neat apps being displayed.

We see quite a few apps actually, including GarageBand, iBooks, TED Talks, iMovie, Vimeo, iPhoto, and FaceTime. We're also seeing both the iPad and iPad mini make appearances, letting users know that all of the 300,000 apps available for iPad, are compatible with both the full-size iPad and the smaller 7.9-inch iPad.