Apple privacy ad gives iPhone users Thanos' dusting powers

Almost all news about Apple these days revolves around privacy or the Epic Games lawsuit. Even its new Apple M1-powered iPad Pros have mostly been overshadowed by the AirTags and their privacy implications. The company's new App Tracking Transparency policy definitely ruffled a lot of feathers, including from the big advertising birds, and Apple's new video clip puts that feature into a comical but real perspective while giving users almost the same powers as the Mad Titan. Except for ad trackers, of course.

The advertisement industry has come to a point where people get tracked across any and all things they do on the Internet and phones. On the Web, that comes via tracking cookies that browsers are now trying to do away with. But that kind of activity also happens on mobile and that was what Apple's App Tracking Transparency is also trying to curb.

Most people may downplay the significance of this new privacy policy and thankfully Apple made an ad just for that. It is, of course, a fictional and ridiculous one but it drives home the fact of how invasive these trackers really are. They may not infringe on your physical space but our virtual space is just as important these days.

Of course, Apple's point is that it takes just a single tap to do away with these invasive trackers, pretty much like Thanos' iconic snap in the Avengers films. That said, you'll actually have to do that for every app tracking permission that pops up unless you decide to do away with app tracking altogether with a single switch in iOS' settings.

Unsurprisingly, advertisers and owners of advertising platforms, particularly Facebook, are making a big stink over how this privacy feature will break the Internet as we know it or drive smaller businesses into bankruptcy. Apple insists it isn't against advertisements or tracking, as long as they give users the final say on the matter. And, of course, if they agree to play by Apple's rules.