Apple Posts $3.07 Billion Profit in Second Quarter 2010

Looks like bad news can't keep Apple down — not that recent events really had much of an impact on the second quarter 2010 financial results, but let's face it: it wouldn't have mattered much. Apple managed to post some impressive numbers this afternoon. In fact, it's the best non-holiday quarter the company has ever posted. So, that's pretty noteworthy.

Apple reports that they've posted a $3.07 billion profit over a collected $13.5 billion in revenue in the fiscal quarter of 2010. That's just January to March, for the record. Percentage wise, that means Apple profits were up 90% while revenue went up 49%. As for those Macs? Sales went up 33% over last year, with a total number of 2.92 million units sold. As for the iPod, sales were actually down by one point, with "only" 10.89 million units sold.

And then there's the iPhone, which adds up to an increase of 131% with an additional 8.75 million units sold. Pretty impressive numbers, and we're sure that Apple is still sitting pretty high in their Cupertino offices. And, we can see why they'd be thrilled by their current business model. Now, we just have to wait for the impact of the next iPhone, and we'll probably get to repeat all of this next quarter.