Apple Podcasts may add personalized recommendations in iOS 14

We're only a day away from Apple's next developers conference (WWDC), which is expected to include a look at the upcoming versions of macOS and iOS, among other things. According to a new report, Apple Podcasts may finally add personalized recommendations in iOS 14, helping the platform compete against the growing list of other, more feature-rich alternatives.

With the number of high-quality podcast shows increasing, it is becoming harder than ever to find new shows to enjoy. Many podcast enthusiasts still depend on word of mouth to find new content, though we've seen products from companies like Pandora that aim to extend personalized recommendations to these audio shows.

According to a new report from 9to5Mac, Apple may add personalized recommendations to its own podcast app, which is simply called Podcasts. This app has been around for many years and is an excellent option for iOS users who want to stick with the Apple ecosystem. However, many third-party podcast apps offer increasingly appealing features.

There's Google Podcasts, for example, which launched as a bare-bones product, but has since received most of the features users have been requesting, including personalized content recommendations introduced back in December. As of late March, the app is also available on the iPhone and iPad.

The new report merely cites unnamed sources as the basis for its claim, stating that iOS 14 will be introduced during WWDC on Monday and that it'll include, among many other things, the personalized podcast recommendations. The report claims the new feature will resemble the 'For You' tab found in Apple Music; the sources also allege that Apple will give podcasters the option of offering bonus content to their listeners.