Apple planning changes to online store design

The online Apple Store certainly isn't cluttered as it is right now, but there's always room for improvement, right? Apple has reportedly been displaying banners on the Education Store indicating that a redesign will happen in the near future. Those shopping on the store aimed at Kindergarten to 12th Grade schools have seen the banner indicating the change.

Apple says in the banner that a new online store is coming soon, and that the changes will include "proposal creation, order status, and a dramatically simplified user interface", which will apparently make it "easier to do business with Apple."

Apple go on to say that existing Apple IDs and passwords will work without the new store, and that customers won't have to change anything. More information will be sent out "in the coming weeks." Since this banner only appears on the Education store, it's believed that the change will be limited to that section of Apple's website, at least for now.

It could indicate that a change is coming for the main online store, with the Education store seeing a soft launch to ensure everything works smoothly. Simplifications to the user interface of the store seems to be a priority for Apple, although we'll only be able to see what they've conjured up with all that magic they wield in the coming weeks.

[via Apple Insider]