Apple patent suggests all glass devices are possible

Nate Swanner - Jul 9, 2014
Apple patent suggests all glass devices are possible

A new Apple patent highlights that though they’ve moved away from glass-backed devices, they’ve not stopped backing glass. In the wake of a new video highlighting what is said to be Apple’s new display hardware being torture tested, a new patent suggests that’s all a phone may be in the future. Apple’s patent calls for more glass — well, actually all glass.

The days of dropping a phone and having it shatter before your eyes have mostly gone away. With the advent of new polymers and glass materials, our screens have become a lot more resilient. A case is still desired by many, but may not be necessary. If Apple has their way, we’ll have nothing but a glass slab in our hands.

The patent calls for the use of glass — and nothing but glass — for devices such as smartphones or monitors. If that sounds very 90’s to you, Apple has included darker glass in the patent. That way, they can build the device entirely out of glass and hide the components inside.

Structurally, Apple’s patent seems strong as well. They’ve included a layering process for glass, as well as the use of support pillars inside. It’s like the screen glass wraps around the side, and just keeps going.

It’s an interesting patent, but we shouldn’t assume an iPhone 7 will be all glass.

Via: Apple Insider

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