Apple patent shows iChat AV answering machine

Okay, so this is pretty cool. Apple has filed a new patent that shows iChat AV acting like an answering machine, and though this isn't one hundred percent new, there are a few significant changes from the last time around.

You see, in October 2007, Apple filed a patent very similar to this that showed ways iChat could send audio or video automatically for users when they are away. But this takes it to the next level.

While computer-to-computer calls wouldn't benefit too much from this, iPhone-to-computer and computer-to-iPhone calls will. So, if you're computer isn't on and someone calls it, they'll get a message from you saying as much. This could cut down on your iPhone's battery use, that's for sure. If the rumors that iPhone 3.0 has video recording, then you'd be able to record messages while on the go. How cool is that?

[via MacNN]