Apple patent outlines IR system for future iOS cameras

An interesting patent app has surfaced from Apple that outlines a complicated sounding system of infrared tech that will work along with future iOS cameras. The tech described in the patent sounds good form some aspects and not good from others. The good part is that IR tech might allow users to do things like get more details on an artwork at a museum or get prices on items in the store and details on items. The downside is the tech might make it so that your iPhone camera can't snap a pic of your favorite band on stage at a concert.

The patent outlines a method that would allow the sensor in the camera to view an image and determine if it has IR data or not associated with it. If it detects IR data, the data could be associated with the photo on the iPhone screen. If for some reason photos or recording are not allowed an IR emitter in the area could make the camera non-functional. Some people will not like giving away control of their device to a third party.

The art included in the patent gives us an idea what the interface would look like. In the museum, links to audio about the item being viewed and video are offered. At the concert, the user is notified that recording is disabled. I can see theaters being interested in tech to disable recording at the movies too. The app was filed in Q4 2009 and published this year.

[via PatentlyApple]