Apple Original Content Tipped To Be In Trouble Already

While its devices are still making it millions, Apple is seen to be shifting to a more services-oriented business model. Like what Amazon does with its Kindle and Fire devices, iPhones, iPads, and Macs are increasingly becoming gateways into Apple's software and, more importantly, subscription-based services. It may already have music streaming in the bag but as far as video streaming goes, it's still trying to build up its portfolio. But if this latest report hits the issue on the head, Apple's original programming might be DOA.

Apple has so far had only two original video content. Planet of the Apps was considered a critical failure. And although Carpool Karaoke was just awarded an Emmy, the Series wasn't originally Apple's idea. It has quite a number of things it's working on but some of those may never see the light of day.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is applying its world-famous family-friendly filter on the programming it has already paid for, in one way or another. CEO Tim Cook watched Vital Signs, based loosely on the life of rapper Dr. Dre, and considered too violent and too gritty. In other words, it wasn't something Apple could show on its streaming service.

And it wasn't that just one instance either. Reports are filing in that Apple's entertainment arm is walking the thin line between what Hollywood considers to be huge sellers and what Apple considers to be morally acceptable to distribute under its name. What some in the entertainment industry would consider to be "normal" wouldn't pass Apple's standards. Some would dare say that Apple's tastes are terribly bland.

On the one hand, you can't blame Apple for sticking to its standards, especially after how much it boasted about those in light of recent privacy and security scandals. On the other hand, it will find itself with very little content left save for PG material in a world where blood, violence, and sex seem to be most common ingredients. Then again, it could be argued that entertainment shouldn't just be about those and if Apple could actually pull this off successfully, it could give content creators and studios a new strategy to try.