Apple opens up monthly subscriptions model on iPad to game publishers

Apple is now letting video game publishers offer their titles to iPad users by way of a subscription model as well as a revenue stream previously only available to digital publications by newspaper and magazine publishers. Specifically, Big Fish Games, a Seattle-based game publisher, has been the first to garner approval from the tight-fisted gate guardian that is Apple, to "offer users access to dozens of titles for $6.99 a month. Until now, games have only been available one at a time, requiring users to download individual applications."

So basically, users who purchase a monthly subscription from Big Fish Games will have the ability to play games that the game publisher has made available through a dedicated app. However, games will be initially streamed to users' iPads from Big Fish Games' data centers, thereby requiring the user having access to a Wi-Fi network to play. And as always, the Cupertino company will maintain their 30% cut of revenues with the developer, a model that has been long-standing for the last several years.

When it came to the process of the game company convincing Apple of the subscription model, the Big Fish Games' founder Paul Thelen stated: "It took longer than usual to be approved...they needed to be convinced there's a reason to charge customers every month." We'll see how sales do with the new subscription model. SlashGear readers who own iPads, feel free to leave your thought about how this may change your gaming habit on the iPad.

[via Bloomberg]