Apple One subscription bundle arrives Friday: What you should know

The Apple One subscription bundle announced last month will be arriving tomorrow, Apple revealed amid its quarterly revenue announcement today. This bundle, as its name suggests, is essentially an all-in-one subscription that allows Apple users to pay a single rate for access to multiple subscriptions, including Apple Music, Arcade, TV+, and more.

The Apple One subscription bundle offers subscribers access to a total of six Apple services: Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Fitness+, and Apple News+. The company plans to offer multiple different subscription options, including individual, family, and Premier plans.

For those who have more modest needs, the individual Apple One subscription will cost $14.95/month, ultimately saving subscribers $6 per month compared to paying for each service individually. This plan offers only 50GB of iCloud storage, mind, and does not include News+ or Fitness+.

Joining this plan is a similar and slightly more expensive Family plan at $19.95/month, which saves up to six people a total $8 per month. This plan is the same as the Individual plan, except it includes 200GB of iCloud storage rather than 50GB.

Finally, the Apple One Premier plan offers all six aforementioned options (with the Fitness+ service coming later this year), as well as 2TB of iCloud storage space. This plan costs $29.95/month, can be used by six people in total, and offers a savings of $25 per month, according to Apple.

Apple told Bloomberg that this plan will be available to customers starting Friday, October 30.