Apple offers fix for Apple TV screen flicker

Last week we learned that a fix for the screen flicker issue on Apple TV devices and some older HDTV sets was in the works at Cupertino. Apple has now offered up that fix and users can download it to their Apple TV as a new firmware update. The new firmware brings the Apple TV device to 4.2.1.

The update comes less than two weeks after the previous update to version 4.2. The 4.1.2 update was specifically to address the screen flicker issue that many users complained about that were tied to some brands of older TVs. The flicker issue also caused incorrect colors to be displayed on some affected sets.

Along with the fix for screen flicker, the update also fixes an issue where the Apple TV might not wake form sleep. Audio issues where the user might not hear audio were also addressed. Apple also notes that it added in various other stability and performance enhancements.

[via MacRumors]