Apple now selling refurbished 4th-generation iPad and iPad mini

It was only a matter time before we would see refurbished models of the new 4th-generation iPad and the iPad mini show up, and today is that day. Apple has officially released the cheaper models of the new devices in their refurbished store, where you can grab both the 4th-gen iPad and the iPad mini at a slight discount from their brand-new price tag.

The great thing about Apple refurbished products is they come with the same one-year warranty as their brand new products, and all refurbished models come with a brand new battery and new outer shell, making them almost brand new and hardly distinguishable from the brand new variants, but scoring a $50 discount in the meantime.

You can get the entry-level model of the 4th-gen iPad for $449, which is $50 less than if you were to buy it brand new. As for the iPad mini, Apple doesn't have the entry-level model in stock, but as with all of their refurbished products, different models come and go quickly, so if you see the model that you want, you better act fast.

The cheapest refurbished iPad mini is selling for $429, which will land you the 16GB LTE version, but it should only be a matter of time before we see the entry-level model show up, which we're guessing will sell for $299. The refurbished iPad minis that are currently offered will net you a discount of around $30-$40.