Apple Not Planning LTE iPhone for 2011

All of the news about Verizon and the iPhone, and how about it's inevitably launching on the largest wireless carrier in the United States has been generally positive over the last few months. Whether the device was launching for Verizon's current CDMA network, or would find its way onto the LTE network, people were eagerly anticipating its launch. But, thanks to a new report, it looks like Apple doesn't have any plans on launching an LTE-based iPhone in 2011 at all, and that's not just for Verizon, but that means for AT&T, too.

The rumors about Verizon still getting an iPhone in 2011 aren't dying down, but it does look like the story is getting more interesting. According to the new report, it looks like Apple is planning on releasing an iPhone that features dual-mode GSM/CDMA device, which would be perfectly capable of using any carrier all over the world. While it's not necessarily bad news, it may show that Verizon won't be the only carrier sharing the limelight with whatever new iPhone gets announced next year, or even in January at next year's CES, where some rumors suggest Verizon will announce their own-branded iPhone.

If the report does pan out, it looks like an LTE-based iPhone will be held back until 2012. Which would make sense for Apple, as it would mean that more customers would be able to access to LTE, which would mean more people would buy the LTE iPhone. Obviously nothing is confirmed at this point, but it does indeed add another block to the already growing, and interesting story that is the Verizon iPhone.

[via Electronista]