Apple Music HiFi plan seems more likely than ever with new leaks

It sure looks like Apple is planning to introduce its own HiFi music plan, giving audiophiles a higher quality streaming option to go with their pricey hardware while taking on competing services like Spotify's and Deezer's high-fidelity audio options. A couple of new leaks reinforce the potential, while one teases a particularly tantalizing perk not offered by other services.

We saw the first leak surface yesterday and, well, it wasn't terribly reassuring. The report came from Hits Daily Double, which claimed that Apple will soon announce a new Apple Music HiFi plan alongside its next-generation AirPods — and, the leak alleges, this new high-fidelity option will come at the same $9.99 price as the existing service.

While that may be too good to be true, it seems there is some substance to the leak, with 9to5Mac detailing a new discovery in the iOS 14.6 beta 1 build that hints at future Apple Music high-fidelity audio support.

The code, which isn't found in subsequent builds, allegedly includes mention of Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos, as well as the term 'lossless.' Assuming this was the accidental reveal of a big upcoming change, it'll mark the first time Apple Music has supported the Dolby offerings.

A lossless audio option will give subscribers who, for example, have high-end headphones the opportunity to maximize their listening experience by streaming audio that doesn't have lossy compression. Whether Apple will actually launch this new option in the coming weeks — and at the same price — is yet to be seen.