Apple may not be ready to show off split-screen iPad feature

That iOS 8 feature that allows iPads to run apps in a split-screen environment may not make an appearance at WWDC, sources say. According to those in the know, the feature is just not ready for prime time, and won't be shown on stage. The utility is still expected to arrive on iOS 8 later this year.

The functionality, which can be found on some Windows tablets as well as various Android devices, allows for two apps to be running on the screen at the same time. The feature could also allow users to share links or pics between the two running apps, much like we find on the desktop.

The split-screen support is also slated for the iPad Air at launch, eschewing all others — at least for now. The popular iPad mini is being left out, at least initially. A larger iPad may make an appearance this year, but it isn't known if the multi-window feature will be usable there.

The issue seems to be the finish, where the feature is reportedly still getting final touches. While Apple may make mention of it at WWDC, it's said they won't show it off. It could be a gem found in sessions, but we can't tell just yet. Apple shrouds their sessions in mystery until the keynote is over, so we'll have to wait until noon on June 2 to find out if Apple is ready to let us see their new iPad feature.

Source: Twitter