Apple may be asking for more iPhone 6 Plus models

Looking at Apple's website, both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are out of stock. Available in a few weeks, both are keeping Apple on their toes when it comes to stock levels. If you're angling for an iPhone 6 Plus, there might be some good news ahead, as Apple is reportedly shifting their production energy to make more of the bigger iPhone.

According to "sources from the upstream supply chain", Apple is asking their partners to shift gears a bit. What was originally thought as a niche market for the 5.5-inch iPhone has instead seen massive interest. To meet demands, Apple wants more iPhone 6 Plus' in stores.

They'll pinch from the iPhone 6 production, which is believed to dip about 3-4 million units next quarter to compensate for big brother 6 Plus. Suppliers may not have enough components to meet demand quickly, so the uptick in availability won't hit stores for some time.

Existing partners also may not have extra production lines available to ramp-up production in a significant way, so it seems Apple just wants more devices pumping from the same channels.

This news also comes as the iPhone is poised to hit China in about a week. Apple is having trouble keeping adequate stock of their new iPhones in existing stores, and releasing it in China won't help that.

Between already limited availability and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus being released in more territories around the globe, it's possible that 3-4 week wait time for an iPhone 6 Plus won't relax any time soon. Maybe you really should think about waiting for an iPhone 6 Plus S, or whatever will call Version 2.0.

Source: Digitimes