Apple Maps gets update for Japan

Japanese users of Apple Maps are facing challenges if they want to use the mapping service from Apple. This week Apple updated its map service and some of the changes behind the scenes fixed a handful of problems Japanese users faced. One of the big changes to the service has been with pronunciation.

Changes to the pronunciation used during turn-by-turn navigation were made. The updated app also alerts drivers to toll roads and has improved labels for points of interest. Labels for other important locations such as subways, freeways, and hospitals were also improved.

Reports indicate that some important locations within Japan were upgraded with 3-D building renderings, such as landmarks like Tokyo station and Tokyo Tower. Freeways are now also marked in green making them stand out from other roadways. Apple has made a particularly big deal about the updates to its map service.

However, Apple's maps service has been harshly criticized by users all around the world with some, the maps outright dangerous. Maps launch on Apple devices along with iOS 6 back in September. Early on Apple Maps were so bad that many users opted for alternatives such as the new Google Maps app.

[via CNET]