Apple MagSafe battery accessory could put an end to bulky charging cases

With the introduction of MagSafe on the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple has opened the door to a number of magnetic accessories. The company itself has crafted some MagSafe accessories for the iPhone 12, and now it's rumored to be working on a magnetic battery pack. As you might imagine, a MagSafe battery pack would allow users to wirelessly charge their phones without needing to find an outlet first, and without using a bulky battery case that has to attach to the phone through a Lightning passthrough.Bloomberg reported on this MagSafe battery attachment today, speaking to anonymous sources with knowledge of Apple's plans. Those sources say that Apple has been working on this attachment for at least a year, and that some of the prototypes Apple has developed have a white rubber design.

While it sounds like the development of this battery pack accessory has enjoyed its successes – Bloomberg's sources report that the magnetic connection is strong enough to keep the battery in place – there have also been some difficulties. For instance, getting MagSafe accessories to work when users have a case on their phone is a challenge in and of itself, and Bloomberg also reports that iOS can sometimes claim the battery pack is overheating when that actually isn't the case.

With that in mind, Bloomberg's sources say that the battery pack can still be cancelled or delayed further. So, those who want a battery MagSafe attachment for their phone may ultimately end up looking at third-party accessory manufacturers if Apple can't iron out the problems its having with its own battery pack.

We'll have to see what happens from here, but it may not be long before we see Apple offering a MagSafe wireless charging accessory for the iPhone. We'll let you know if anything official is announced, so stay tuned for more.