Apple Mac OS X Lion Apps Now Being Accepted

Apple's Mac OS X Lion has been rumored for a July 14 launch and it looks to be on target. The Golden Master version of this major release was seeded to developers on July 1 and as long as no last-minute bugs crop up the release could go final this week. Formal invitations today for developers to submit Mac OS X Lion apps are a good sign that the OS is indeed fast approaching.

The invitation was sent out today to registered developers requesting them to submit their Lion apps for review so that they will be available on the Mac App Store when the OS ships this month. However, the message avoided mentioning any specific dates and it's not clear how many days it would actually take Apple to review these Lion apps.

Revamped MacBook Airs have long been rumored to ship together with OS X Lion, but today new reports suggest that Mac Pro towers could also be revamped with Lion as early as this week. Depending on how many days Apple needs for reviewing Lion apps, it seems the launch of Lion and the new Macs could possibly extend to next week. But reports of overnight shifts at Apple Stores on July 13 support a launch this Thursday.

[via TechCrunch]