Apple Lounge to hit St. Louis

Stephanie Scala - Oct 8, 2010
Apple Lounge to hit St. Louis

Move over New York City because St. Louis’ new Apple store might just be Apple’s most innovative store yet! With a never before seen “lounge” area with free Wi-Fi, this new Apple store structure will be sure to blow all of us away (or at least the residents in St. Louis).

The store will be over 6,000 square feet, have a storefront over 55 feet wide, and feature a stainless steel and stone floor design that have become a trademark of Apple stores everywhere. Not only will the St. Louis Galleria Apple store be the first to offer this unique lounge concept, but it will also be the largest mall-based Apple store in the U.S.

Although it is true that Microsoft’s retail store in Mission Viejo, California has a similar lounge idea with bench seats, planter boxes and a double-sided video screen that is occasionally used for customer training. However, sources claim that the design of the new Apple store lounge will feature a permanent kiosk used as a lounge area that will not only offer free Wi-Fi, but will also be a “check-in” area for Genius bar appointments. Perhaps if Apple plays their cards right and makes the lounge area comfortable enough with some nice white leather sofas and maybe adds an espresso bar to the mix (or perhaps some free Starbucks coffee) they could hit the jackpot big time with this store!

[via AppleInsider]

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