Apple looks to patent heart rate identification method for iPhone

I once owned a laptop that had a biometric sensor for scanning fingerprints to log me into the computer rather than typing a password. It sounded cool in theory, but the reality of the sensor was that it was so inaccurate and hard to use that I simply never used it. You could swipe your finger a dozen times before the sensor would recognize you and log in.

Apple has a new patent application that looks to make identifying a user with biometric sensors a much simpler process that is seamless to the end user. The patent app has to do with a method of using the person's heart rhythm to identify the user.

The patent app outlines a method where the sensors would be embedded into the case of the iPhone and when the user picks the phone up it would recognize the user and let them in. Here's my question though, how well will this work if for instance you set your login while you are at rest and someone calls you while you are exercising and your heart rate is up. Still, it would be cool to simply have to pick up your iPhone and have it recognize you and log you in while keeping anyone else from accessing your device.