Apple launches AirPods Pro service program: What you need to know

Apple has announced a new service program for certain AirPods Pro units, stating that it has determined a 'small percentage' of these devices may experience some variety of 'sound issues.' As with past service programs related to various issues, Apple is offering to service these potentially affected units for free through a couple of different options.

The AirPods Pro is the more sophisticated (and expensive) alternative to Apple's regular AirPods model, offering active noise cancellation and some other features over the smaller model, including improved audio quality. According to the new service program, a small number of these units may experience one or more sound problems.

These problems may include static sounds when in a loud environment or when engaging in certain activities like talking on the phone or exercising; some users also hear a crackling noise. Likewise, some users may experience a problem with the active noise cancellation feature, such as louder background sounds or the loss of bass.

The impacted units were manufactured before October 2020, according to Apple, which notes that the problem(s) may only manifest in one of the two earpieces. If you're one of these AirPods Pro owners, Apple says it will service the device for free.

Consumers have a couple of different repair options — they can make an appointment at their local Apple Retail Store if they live near one, otherwise they'll need to find one of Apple's Authorized Service Providers. If neither of those are an option, Apple says the customer should contact its support team for help.