Apple iTunes 9.1 Goes Live; Mac OS X 10.6.3 Released

Apple is definitely stepping up to the plate this week. They've released two major updates to the two biggest players on the software front. The iTunes update is designed specifically to address the coming features that the iPad is going to need to function; and the latter is meant to patch up several quirks in the previous version of the Operating System, along with some improved compatibility.

First up, we have the update to iTunes 9.1. Paramount of the changes, is the fact that with 9.1, you can now sync up your iPad. Well, you'll be able to sync up with your iPad when you get it this Saturday. You can also rename, rearrange, and remove Genius Mixes at your leisure. Oh, and those iBooks that you download from your iPad or from the iTunes library? Yeah, you can also organize them, and sync them to the Apple tablet. They've made it all possible with the new update, and luckily for Apple, they managed to push it out days before the official launch of the new gadget. Which, thankfully, means that the entire system shouldn't crash when the time comes for all of us to sync up our new toys.

The update to Mac OS X 10.6.3 is a monstrous update, coming in at 757.3MB, but it covers enough to make it worthwhile. First, it improves reliability and compatibility with QuickTime X, which should make a few people out there pretty happy (we don't know who, but we're sure they're out there). It also provides a fix to issues that prevented files from being copied over to Windows file servers. And, if you're a fan of third-party USB input devices, then Apple's provided a fix for that, too. We're sure that you've already downloaded both updates, but if you haven't, get to it! Let us know if you find anything worthwhile in there, buried deep.

[via Apple]