Apple iTunes 10 Announced, Features Ping Social Network

And if the iPod line-up is getting a refresh, shouldn't iTunes? Of course it should, and that's exactly what Apple have done. They also announced it today, too. No surprise there, right? Thew new software only expands on what Apple has made so great, and famous, over the last few years. So let's go ahead and welcome iTunes 10 into the family, shall we?

First and foremost, there's Ping. It's a social network that's Apple's take on a music-oriented social network, folks. iTunes even got a new upgraded logo, which is a long-time coming. You get a friends page, which shows you recent posts, favorite songs, and you also get to see what, if any, concerts that person is going to. You can set up a circle of friends, too. You can agree to follow one person in that circle, or all of them. And when you hear a great song, people will know it.

Oh, and if you're really interested in getting your hands on it, to put your feelers out for all the new features embedded within, you can head on over to Apple's site right now and get your mitts on it. [Update]It looks like they've pulled the download part of it. Odd, but at least it means that it's probably coming up here sooner than later. So, stay sharp.

Still developing, so stay tuned.