Apple iPod Shuffle Seeing RED

So, Apple has a little shindig (who am I kidding, these things are never "little") planned for September 5th. The announcements are expected to be primarily music based, as such, there is info running around saying that the only update to the Shuffle line could come in the form of a new paint job.

So they have the possible iPhone-like iPod being announced, a fat Nano that might rear its ugly head, and then what about the Shuffle? Well instead of leaving it well enough alone they are going to add the player to the PRODUCT (RED) line, so it's a win-win, Apple doesn't have to leave any of its line of players out of the announcement and they get to do some charity work.

I kind of like the idea of giving money to a charity whose goal is to help rid the world of the AIDS virus. I like even more the idea of pimping a new bright, shiny, metallic red Shuffle if they don't release a new full sized iPod.

Apple iPod shuffle PRODUCT (RED) to drop September 5th [via MyiTablet]